The Foresight GC 2 is a top of the line Photometric Launch Monitor.  The unit images the first inches of ball flight from impact and measures speed, launch and spin.  This method is far more reliable than radar for indoor golf applications as it is not reliant upon down range ball fight for data.   Then  GC software is used by major manufacturers and retailers the word round because of it's reliability and accuracy.


Boditrak is a force plate system that allow us as Coaches to visualize and measure the amount of pressure shift before during and after the swing.  GRF (Ground Reaction Force) is an essential part of club head speed and power and developing dynamic balance is a key to a better consistency and accuracy.


Imagine learning to perform a motion with consistent feedback.  Bend, Side Bend, and Rotation constantly reflected for you.  With this Bio Feedback you can learn motions without error.  Increasing adhesion and reducing learning duration.  The K-Coach system is the worlds first true Launch Monitor for the body.  No longer measuring the results (club and ball) and deducing motion correction.  We can now measure the body and it's motion and make corrections to the source.  Faster Learning=Better Golf

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