Club Repair

Get the best clubs for your game

We'll take care of your clubs

We offer full service golf club repair and servicing with quick turnaround times, convenient pick up times and a wide selection of grips, shafts, clubs and accessories. Call your Local shop to schedule your club repair.


We'll help you find shafts that fit your game, and install them. We can remove and replace shafts, without damaging your golf club. Need a length adjustment - longer or shorter? We can do that, too.


Golf club grips don't last forever - over time, usage and exposure to the elements cause them to wear down. Shop our wide selection of grips and let us regrip your clubs for you. We can even save your old grips!

Loft & Lie

Check the lofts and lie angles of your clubs, and let us make adjustments to help you play your best. Improve your directional control and accuracy by ensuring your golf clubs are at the correct lofts and lie angles.

Any Repair

Repair not listed? We'll give your golf clubs some extra TLC - whether you need to replace a ferrule, get rid of a rattle in your club, re-epoxy a club head, re-groove your irons or just get your clubs clean and shiny again.

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