Optimum Golf Studio, 5059 E 38th Ave Denver, CO 80207

Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat 8AM-9PM

Sunday: 9AM-6PM

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Brad Alston, PGA - Director of Instruction

"...people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel."  - Maya Angleou  

I think golf has a way of making people feel helpless and powerless.  My hope is to make people feel empowered and enlightened.  Every student I work with, I want them to realize that they are more powerful and more capable than they imagine.  Coaching is the journey to this awareness of yourself and your true capabilities.  The goals of the student outline the path to be taken and the time together defines the transformation.  Let's discuss your goals so that we can begin to sketch the path to your journey.

Kyle McGee, PGA - Director of Junior Programming

Teaching golf is more than telling someone "stand here, do this".  It is a process of personal development and awareness.  Both for Player and Coach.  Establishing personal connections and creating something that both can take pride in is the essence of coaching for me.  I utilize many avenues and methods in my instruction from the latest in Bio-mechanics research and equipment to Hogan days where we "dig it out of the dirt".  Approaching problems and progress with this multi-faceted approach helps to ensure players have all the tools needed to preform under pressure.  And enjoy the game and all it teaches.