Club Sales & Accessories


At Optimum we are not only committed to getting your game in shape to play, we are also able to Professionally fit you for your next Driver, Wedges or Iron Set.  In addition to your fitting, we have partnered with 4 brands that are industry leaders in performance and innovation. With unrivaled pricing for our members and students, it is impossible to find a better deal on comparable equipment anywhere. Clubs, Balls, Apparel, and Accessories.  If we do not have it in stock, we are always happy to order it.  General delivery time for custom orders is 7-10 days for clubs, 5 days for stock items and stock clubs.

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Club Fitting and Repair 

Whether you need a simple regrip or you have broken the shaft right at the hosel, we can do it here.  For any work that can't be done here we can send out for it, like Re-welding broken hosels or removing chrome we can sort it out here.


Re-Grip $2                                                       Re-Glue Loose Head $5

Cut down $4                                                                   Extend Club $7

Standard Re-shaft $10                                      Custom Re-Shaft $15

Bend Loft/Lie Angle $5                                            "Tune" Shaft $15 


Club Fitting

Fittings are free when purchasing clubs in house. 

Irons or Woods Fitting $49

Full Bag Fitting (90 minutes) $99

Our club fitting service combines our in depth knowledge of equipment and golf instruction to forecast your progression as a player.  This enables us to fit you to the clubs that match your game now and also the player you will be for the foreseeable future.  Having clubs that not only fit you the day you get fit, but each and every day going forward.  Round after round.

Fittings are by appointment only: Please call to schedule